Our Story: The Big Fish Babes' met in the forum for Mystery Case Files: Madame Fateģ.† Itís a Hidden Object Game and includes some very difficult puzzles.† We were stuck on different parts of the game and would post on the forum to get help or hints on how to proceed.† Little did we know that this forum would bring us all together.† We asked questions about the game and little by little, we would post a non-game question or a comment.† We would laugh and chat together. † We posted more and more about ourselves.† The forum was in Beta testing at that time with only a small number of users.† When it became public, we decided that we wanted to keep communicating about personal issues, but more privately. ††So, LisaB started a Yahoo group so we could continue our private conversations.† It was wonderful. †

Through this group, we became even closer.† We shared sickness, death, marriage and births.† We excitedly supported one of the Babes during her sonís wedding which we attended in spirit.† We posted to each other what we were wearing, the music playing as we danced, and how wonderful everyone looked.† We had a wonderful time.† We danced, drank and were happy together.† Pictures were posted and when we saw them, yep, we were there.†

When one of us was in the hospital, we all waited for news.† It finally came by a phone call.† Rushing to the computer, we would post all we knew.† Calls to the hospital came and went.† Surgeries were completed and hugs and thoughts of healing were sent. Through happy times and sad, we learned to love more, hug more, and care more.† Tears of happiness and joy were shed.† Tears of sadness were also shed.† And the most important thing we all learned was that we are really here for each other.†† Primarily, we learned to hold each otherís hands and be a shoulder to lean on when needed. (click here to read on..)


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